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Choosing Me First

Choosing Me First by Karisma Carpenter

2014061395183554-1 If I asked if you loved yourself, the majority of you would tell me answers varying from "yes" to "of course"... All my life, everyone has always stressed to me how important it is to love yourself, especially before you can love someone else. However, when I was younger, I often times brushed it off, storing it in the vault I kept for trivial phrases with things like puppy love.

I mean, how can you not love yourself... Although, as I grew older I learned that it is definitely true. When you try to love someone before you love yourself, you're very likely to lose yourself. You start changing to fit that other person's needs and wants. You let go of your morals and view points in exchange for whatever makes them happy. Your happiness becomes dependent on theirs which, is completely unhealthy and can often times border on becoming obsessive. They become your whole world.

In order to have a good relationship with yourself, you need to be your own world. You need to love yourself beyond your faults and insecurities. You need to be at peace with that fact that you are who you are and even though, you can make changes as you grow, you should only make them to become a better you...You'll never be lonely if you love the person you're alone with everyday.

 Karisma is a 2013 graduate of Stivers School for the Arts who enjoys reading and writing. She is currently pursuing her AAS in Veterinary Technology at Sinclair Community College and has been apart of Modern Day Cinderella Inc. for the past 4 years.


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