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Love Yourself Beyond the Flaws

Love Yourself Beyond the Flaws


Day after day we look in the mirror and immediately begin to pick ourselves apart...

My lips are too big.

I wish my nose was smaller.

I hate my hair.

I'm too fat.

My skin is too dark.

Until, we reach the point where we can't find anything that we like about ourselves to love. If someone pays us a compliment, right away we think they're being funny or callous, because we can't begin to process the fact that someone could possibly find anything attractive about us especially when we don't see the beauty in ourselves.

As a result, we oftentimes have to be reminded that no ones perfect and we all have a flaw, or two, or maybe even three, but if we never take the time to love ourselves flaws and all enough to see the beauty that we possess, then there's no way we can expect someone else to love us unconditionally for who and what we are. And who wants to live a life without love, especially a love for oneself?

So, the next time you find yourself looking in the mirror, instead of focusing on the things you're convinced you don't like about yourself, take a good hard look at yourself and begin to see them as things to love, because it is these things that make you YOUR OWN UNIQUE SELF.


Dayatra N. Towles


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